Five Ways to Get Ripped and Shredded

a lean and ripped look

Bulking up is yesterday’s trend in bodybuilding. People now want to get ripped and shredded. Before you draw a misleading conclusion, you should know that this goal is way more complicated than packing yourself with muscles. But here, you’ll learn only things that work. 

Be Open to Supplements

You have to realize that not all people are gifted with a body that can naturally shed fat cells and retain its lean figure. Genetics affects your looks. And it is not always on your side. 

Therefore, scientists have come up with SARMs (Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator). What these drugs do is to stimulate a specific area in the body as anabolic steroids do. SARMs are the safer replacement of steroids! And among many kinds of SARMs, stenabolic is the most widely available.

Cut Calorie Intake

diet for bodybuildingLooking shredded and ripped means that the fat percentage in the body is very low. And to achieve that, your diet must contain foods that promote muscle growth, not storing fat. 

As you may have guessed, protein should be the primary building block of your daily nutrients. Second, you’d better fill your stomach with complex carbohydrates. Don’t antagonize carbohydrates because your muscles need them for endurance during workouts. Fiber is also the key to having that satiated feeling and low-calorie diet. You should not skip veggies and fruits!

Work Out the Smart Way

strength workoutTo get the shredded and ripped look, your workout routines must be effective and efficient. It must combine both cardio and strength training according to your body build. If you’re an ectomorph, you will need to put more cardio. For mesomorph people, you are blessed with a naturally muscular build. Therefore, your workout routines must consist of cardio and strength training in a balanced portion. As for endomorph, cardio should be your priority. 

Improve Your Rest

Resting is supposed to be a part of any fitness plan. Without good rest, your body won’t build muscles, and your immune system can be compromised. You certainly don’t want your workouts to make you susceptible to cold or influenza, do you? 

Therefore, schedule your rest time seriously. Add a nap time during the day. And for the night, make sure your sleep lasts for at least 5 hours and goes undisturbed. 

Be Consistent

The hardest part of reaching this goal is to be consistent with the routines. And no, there is no shortcut to a shredded and ripped look! Most of the time, it is a result of years of training and nutrient management. 

The Benefits of Calisthenics


In a world full of cross-fitters, bodybuilders and Olympic lifters, calisthenics athletes do not seem to receive much spotlight, and this is true. The majority of today’s workout programs rarely include bodyweight training. Bodyweight training is an accessible means of exercise and can be safely performed by the young and old looking to care for their health without the need for a training facility.

I am not trying to say other types of workouts are a bad idea; however, there are many benefits of doing bodyweight training. Calisthenics training is among the simplest forms of training compared to lifting weights. The main aim while doing body training is to use your body weight as the load.

Here are some of the benefits of using this training technique:


Performing bodyweight training in the form of a circuit is a fantastic means of creating muscular endurance. Completing a set 3-5 times with controlled rest will act similar to cardio. It’s similar to cardio because it builds up the body’s resistance to fatigue.

Proceeding with these kinds of sets with resting days in between will challenge your body to develop handling capabilities for more repetitions in your circuits. Finding a routine that works the whole body can aid to boost muscular endurance for every muscle along with the cardio system.


calisthenics trainingMany of the motions used in bodyweight exercises need some level of flexibility. By improving strength, your body adapts to increasing the flexibility of targeted regions and hence improving the quality of the exercise.

With proper motion range, your body uses suitable muscle groups to perform a workout. Poor flexibility can lead to inaccurate muscle patterns. You can try including stretching techniques to your training before and after.


Calesthenics training can help improve joint and bone strength. Keep in mind that bodyweight training doesn’t automatically translate to strength building. Agencies like the military apply the use of calisthenics in their standard practice to help improve strength.

Another reason the military incorporates calisthenics is to minimize the probability of injuries occurring. Adding bodyweight training also aids to improve your muscular strength without the risk of wear and tear like that of weightlifting.


Fitness centers are always a wonderful place to boost your health but do not let that limit your options. Health and strength are achievable anyway, thanks to the innovation of calisthenics. Some advice to consider; aim at calisthenics workouts that suit and fit your training level. Bodyweight exercises like handstand push-ups are not for beginners and can lead to injury without proper guidance.

Finding a routine that suits you can help in improving your stamina, strength, and flexibility.

Benefits of Ketogenic Diet

keto diet

Keto diet is a diet containing very low amounts of carbohydrates, which makes the body change into a fat-burning machine. It comes with many benefits, which have been proven like improved performance and weight loss.

While on keto diet the foods to eat include:

  • Meats – poultry, eggs, lamb, beef, fish
  • Sweeteners – monk fruit, erythritol, stevia
  • Seeds and Nuts – sunflower seeds, walnuts, macadamias
  • Leafy Greens – kale, spinach
  • Berries and Avocado – blackberries, raspberries and other berries with low glycemic effect
  • Vegetables Above the Ground – cauliflower, broccoli

broccoli and cauliflower

The foods you should never eat include:

  • Tubers – yams, potato
  • Fruit – oranges, bananas, apples
  • Sugar – maple syrup, agave, honey
  • Grains – cereal, rice, corn, wheat

Benefits of Keto Diet

1. Weight loss

This diet uses the fat in the body as the source of energy and, therefore, benefits weight loss. While you are on ketogenic, the levels of your insulin greatly drop, which makes the body a fat-burning machine. It has been scientifically proven that ketogenic diet offers better results when compared to high-carb and low-fat diets even for longer periods of time.

2. Blood Sugar Control

Naturally, keto lowers the levels of blood sugar because of the food type it involves. Studies have as well proven that ketogenic diet is among the effective methods of managing and preventing diabetes. Patients suffering type 2 diabetes or are pre-diabetic are advised to consider this diet seriously.

3. Mental Focus

Most people use this known keto diet purposely to improve mental performance. Ketones make a great fuel source for your brain. Once you consume a diet with low carbs, you avoid blood sugar spikes. This together can lead to improved concentration and focus.

4. Increased Energy

Through giving the body more reliable and better energy source, you feel more energized throughout the day. Fats are known to be among the effective molecule when it comes to burning fuel. Naturally, fat is more satisfying as well leaves you full for longer.

5. Epilepsy

Since the 1900’s ketogenic diet has successfully being used for treating epilepsy. To date, it is still among the widely used for children suffering uncontrolled epilepsy. With ketogenic diet, epilepsy patients can take less medications and achieve the same results.

6. Blood Pressure and Cholesterol

bp appKetogenic diet improves levels of cholesterol and triglyceride which are associated with the buildup of arteries. High-fats and low-carb diets are known to increase HDL while decreasing LDL concentration in comparison with low-fat diets. Most cases of blood pressure are as a result of excess weight, and with a ketogenic diet, there is weight loss. Through such blood pressure problem is solved.