Relapsing is common for people who are struggling to quit an addictive behavior. Some people may relapse just once while others relapse for several times before they overcome the habit. If you are an addict who wants to avoid this, then you need to know what to stay away from so that your journey to recovery may be smooth.

Below is a list of the things that one should avoid so as to avoid a relapse


This is the main cause of relapse. Mostly, we become addictive to some habits while we are trying to cope with stress because the habits seem to bring some relief to the stress. We take refuge in these behaviors. You need to enhance your general wellbeing so that chances of being extremely stressed are limited. Consider having enough time to relax and exercise.

Individuals or places related to the addictive habit

These people and places act like triggers. For example, if you are an alcohol addict and you come across those people you used to drink together, then you will trigger to get drunk to enjoy the good time you used to have. If you were a pornography addict and you come across the places you used to watch the pornography, they remind you of the habit. Have ways to cope with this when it happens.

Challenging or negative emotions

Having some negative and challenging emotions in your life is normal. Emotions such as loneliness, anger, frustration and excitement are some reasons why some people relapse. They do so by looking for relief to these emotions. Addicts need to have efficient ways to endure and manage them so that they can draw sense from these harsh emotions.

Seeing or detecting the object that causes addiction

During one’s recovery, the sight or sense of an object of addiction can trigger you to go back to the addiction. A puff of cigarette while in the streets can make you want to smoke. Seeing people embracing each other on a TV advert can trigger you to want sex. It seems close to impossible for you to avoid this totally. All you need is the skill which will teach you to control your urges and cravings.

Celebration times

Most of the causes of relapse are negative, but there are others which are positive. Birthday parties, celebrations and holidays can easily cause a relapse. These are happy moments when you want to enjoy to the fullest and so taking that one sip of alcohol and that one puff of the cigarette is part of having a good time. Since good times to celebrate will always come, you can help yourself by using that skill of handling your urges and cravings.