Happy Birthday Wishes

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Birthday wishes to family members

Small sister

woman holding balloonsI know your expectations are high. In your new year, you want to reach the sky. I am sure you are dying to meet your new guy. This new year you feel that you are ready to have a taste of the pie. Well, today keep these expectations at bay, enjoy yourself to the fullest and just let my wishes for you come true. My wish is to have a sister who goes beyond the sky, who meets the most handsome guy and who tastes the sweetest pie.


Hey, you birthday boy. How does it feel to be a year older but feel younger? How does it feel to say goodbye to that teenager in you? Does is it feel a stranger be in your new phase of life? Well, you can fail to have those answers now. Just have a blast before the light fades away as my wish for you is to always wake up to a day with more light.

Big sister

Hey, big sister. Do you remember that today is your birthday? Do not frown to the camera. Today hold the crown of happiness. Forget that you had the heartbreak. Today you have to take a break. Do not remember the deadlines that stress. Forget your unpaid bills. Today just live on my wish. I wish that you will have many birthdays ahead to read this quote from me.


birthday girlToday you mark your 100th year on the earth. You were once a toddler. You grew to a teenager who made his parents be on their toes. I still remember the story you told us about how you met with the grandmother. You were once naughty. You grew and became the dad of my dad. My wish for you is that you will live long to see your grandson become naughty just like you as they look for a wife.
Somebody told me that my grandmother was once my age. It seemed so funny to imagine you as a small girl. A little girl with big dreams. An idea of meeting my grandpa and having a beautiful granddaughter like me. A dream of your granddaughter bringing you another reason to widen your smile, a great grandson who would be your heir. My wish for you today is that you see that big dream actualizing.