Find The Joy Of Being A Caregiver For Elderly Parents And Children.

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Sandwich generation refers to a generation of people who take care of their children while at the same time caring for their aging parents. In the age bracket of 40 and 60 years, a certain percentage of parents have to take care of their children and at the same time look after their aging parents. At this point, it is like being a parent to both your children and your parents.

Things you need to remember as a caregiver

Ask for help where necessary

woman with old ladyDo not even think of avoiding sandwich stress and burnout when you are doing everything all by yourself. That is close to impossibility. However, asking for a hand will make the situation easier for you to handle. For example, you could use a family member or a friend who lives near you to bring some hot meal to the care receiver or baby sit your children and take a break. Try to spread the responsibility to other willing family members.

A break is healthy

Too much work without play can make you dull. Remember that you could be busy and fail to be productive at all. Take a break amidst your busy schedule so that you can come back more energetic after the break. Do not say that taking your leisure time is luxurious; this is not true as you need this as a basic need. That is why you have hobbies, do what you love. It could be writing poems, hiking, reading books or anything that you love to do.

Love your body

As much as you want your children and aged grandparents to be well, do not forget your health. If you are not healthy, you may not be in a good position to give the care needed. Remember both your ailing parents’ doctors’ check-ups and yours too. Exercise, eat well, meditate and have a good sleep. These things will eventually make you feel good about yourself and so taking up the challenge of caregiving will not be a big deal since you are of good health.

Joining a support group will do you justice

hands to handIt is in these groups that you get to share your experiences with people who understand you because they can identify with your situation. You will be made to realize that you are not alone in the sandwich generation and therefore you will love your caregiving work. You could look for local or online support groups depending on what fits your needs best.