Coolers to choose from


When you go out looking to buy a cooler, you will see all kinds of brands and a significant difference in prices. That is why it is essential that you review your options carefully. Otherwise, you will just be wasting your money on something that is not really worth it.

Shedheads Reviewed the best coolers on the market, and this is something that you should check out.

To help you choose the cooler that is suitable for your needs, here are the various types of cooler that you will find in the stores.

Rolling cooler

This type of cooler is so large that it has wheels. The top has two openings on it. The whole lid will open so you can pack it with ice and fill it with what you want. On the left side of the top, it will have a smaller opening so you can just pull the little items out of it without exposing the whole top with hot air.

The price of this all depends on the brand you buy. They range from 60 to 150 dollars. You can find them in any kind of hunting or camping outlet store, or you can order them on the Internet.

Camping cooler

Camping coolerThis cooler is made of plastic and foam. It is designed to keep your item cold for an extended period of time. The whole top comes up for easy access to the things you have stored in it. The lid is held on by hinges, and it will have a seal proof lid, so other animals won’t be able to smell what you have stored in the cooler.

A lot of people get hurt on camping trips because of bears that will come down to your camp while you are sleeping and go through your food. There are a lot of different makes of this type of cooler. The price range is about 20 to 120. You can find them in any retail store.

Hunting cooler

This type of cooler is large, and has a lid that comes all the way off. The lid has locking tabs that hold the lid on tight. It is also made of metal with a foam installation and a plastic protecting the foam. The hunting cooler will keep your items cold. You can even use it for the animal that you have hunted. This cooler will seal out any type of germs that can spoil the meat.

The price range is 50 to 350. They even make some that will plug into a generator and acts like a freezer.

fish inside cooler

Lunch box cooler

This type of cooler is small, and some are even called soft coolers. They are made of plastic, and some are made of nylon. People use them to take to work and store their lunch in it. The price of these is around 10 to 60 dollars.