5 Main Custom Exhibition Stand Designs

art exhibition

A company attending an exhibition needs an effective exhibition stand to display its products and market its services. Given the many companies participating in a trade show, you need to stand out amongst the many companies. This calls for the services of an exhibition booth design company. Such a company will offer you the best models that will work to draw many potential customers to your stand. Moreover, professionals should be in a position to provide the best custom exhibition stand designs.

What are the popular custom exhibition stand designs?


Bespoke is one of the most popular exhibition stand design. wine bottlesThis custom design targets to attract moreĀ visitors. Unlike the regular exhibition stand, the bespoke design is physically impressive bound to attract more visitors. They are usually tall and wide with a massive logo positioned strategically for the best impact on visitors. This design is best for big companies that want to make a major impact that will reinforce their brandsā€™ power.

Modular stands

Another main custom exhibition stand design is the modular stand. It is a common stand used in many exhibitions. They are popular for two major reasons. One is that they have a wide range of features that makes it easy for a company to interact with visitors. The company is in charge of customizing the features to fit their marketing requirements. The second reason why this design is attractive is because of its relatively low price compared to other designs.

Pop-up stand

This is an attractive custom exhibition stand design. Its popularity is increasing because of its portability and the wide range of features a company can install in the stand. They are also easy to transport to an exhibition center hence, making the transportation work for a company much easier. This design is also suitable for presentations and conferences.

Open design

art exhibition A company can also opt to use an open design that has formidable branding. Such a design should have more seating space for visitors for active engagement between the company representatives and the potential customers. The open design is fully customizable with the client through the exhibition stand design company should offer a guideline.

Booth design

Another main custom exhibition stand design is the booth design. It is amongst the most used stand designs in trade exhibitions. It is quite flexible, and brands using this design find it easy to customize it for the optimal attraction.